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30 Nov 20:00 UTC
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The Adiators Club is the new kid on the block-chain. We love games, we love crypto and we really love nfts, so let’s throw them all together and make some magic! Adiators is bringing the first social world-building game to the Cardano eco-system. Members of the club (Token holders) will join a ever growing and evolving community of Adiators, as well as gain access to exclusive club benefits and upcoming features outlined in our flight path (TBA).  Adiators Club members will be eligible to use their CNFTs in smart contract powered dApps, published exclusively for the Cardano eco-system and Adiator CNFTs. These dApps (outlined in our flight path) will use Adiator CNFTs for an array of purposes; whether that be for your digital identity in a social world building game, or a game which utilizes your Adiator as the player character in PvP flight combat.  We encourage you to join the Adiators Club by purchasing a CNFT at our launch. Not just to own a piece of the series 1 collection; but to become a part of history and a growing dApp collection!

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