Alien Football Play2Earn Game

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19 Apr 12:00 UTC
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Alien Football Play To Earn Game. Pre-seal starts on 04/19/2022. Pre-sale price 0.04eth Floor Price 0.1eth


I would like to very much present the new NFT Alien Football Game project. It is a project of the play2earn game. This is a game in which you will earn our token (AFB). For each round played (it will be a quick game), the player will gain 30 afb tokens (Possibility to play 4 matches a day). In addition, we offer the possibility of staking our NFTs. Until September, it will be 100% from September 200%, until our token’s lunch pad.


Gra, token and NFT’s are on the Polygon blockchain.

For more information, please visit our website:

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