Almost Famous Pandas

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22 Feb 20:00 UTC
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Almost Famous Pandas is a Solana NFT collection from mashup maestro White Panda featuring 8888 Pandas, each bearing a unique blend (mashup) of attributes inspired by iconic musicians. 25 AFPs constitute the “endangered bear” 1-of-1s and include a 3D OBJ model of the NFT, full creative & commercial usage rights, and a musical mashup produced by White Panda which samples all the artists featured in the NFT. The team is fully doxxed and AFP received a 97% security score from RadRugs.

Over the past decade White Panda headlined over 500 shows, released 7 albums and earned a Harvard MBA. Beginning with events (both live and virtual), the ambitious roadmap includes a members portal where holders can access free tickets (including to all future White Panda shows), discover unreleased music, post their own productions and solicit feedback – the first step towards a decentralized record label, elevating artists who don’t stand a chance in the old world.

Partnerships with other web3 music companies like Audius, Royal & Arpeggi Labs will explore opportunities for innovation in rights management, royalty distribution, minting sounds on chain and allowing creators to monetize derivative works in a way they cannot today. The AFP brand will be heavyweight in the music industry’s web3 future.

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