Altered Life NFT

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0.08 ETH
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25 Feb 15:00 UTC
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Altered Life is a 10k collection minting on ETH.  The whitelist is February 25th at 10 AM EST and the public mint is February 26th at 10 AM EST.  There are 5 unique templates and over 350 traits that a brother-sister artist duo worked on for 5 months.  2 of the 3 co-founders are doxxed, and they have a ton of partnerships already, such as Lossless, Arcade Network, Niftypays, Metaguardians, Defi Network, Nonceblox and Charged Particles.  They’re writing a two-book, Scifi novel series, and recently got incubated by Nonceblox to help raise funds for their P&E game.  It’s a community-driven project and holders will be able to vote on the direction of the company and how the community wallet funds are used.  50% of the secondary sales in perpetuity go to the community wallet, and there’s a lot of other focus on the utility factor.

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