ApeAbu Genesis Squad

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29 Apr 16:32 UTC
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ApeAbu Genesis Squad is Chapter 1 of the Abuverse game, this is a collection of 2323 Ethereum-based NFTs. These NFT characters will be used in the princess hunt metaverse game to be released in chapter 3. Powered by ABUZ token.

As of Chapter 1, the collection will be sold on OpenSea by direct minting, the chapter 2 will be the launch of ABUZ tokens and secondary NFT’s of the Abuverse game.

In chapter 3 we will launch the Metaverse beta model of Aladdin-inspired princess hunt game that will be initially launched in a mobile app and then on Metaverse.

Benefits of Holding APEABU NFTS

  • Gain your NFT characters with gaming power
  • Yeild $ABUZ When you hold AbuApe
  • Get access to join the Abu verse game, chapter 2 with $ABUZ
  • Win free royalties and rewards on play sessions
  • Be a part of AbuVerse gaming experience
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