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25 Jan 00:00 UTC
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10,000 randomly generated AppleHeads on the Ethereum blockchain are waiting for you. Every AppleHead is unique, algorithmically generated & distributed randomly. Minted AppleHeads will be revealed 48 hours after launch. We are building a detailed and intricate Open world to be experienced as AppleHeads within the Metaverse. An exclusive paradise floating in space which will host collaborative events, games, competitions and rewards for everyone in the bunch. Together we will choose our own adventure in an ever growing, ever changing orchard created by the community. AppleHeads are collectable art, tokens, tickets, that will give you access to The Orchard in the Metaverse, its like a never ending concert ticket to the greatest show not on earth! Pre sale: 25th of January – Public sale: 26th of January – Public mint price: 0.05 ETH

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