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The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club is an exclusive collection of 3300 Titanic Themed Ape NFTs, with the long-term ambition of building Titanic in the Metaverse. In a change from the derivative Ape Projects of yester-year, we are seeking to revolutionize the NFT marketplace by inventing what has been termed as “Metacruising”. Metacruising—we believe—is the futuristic answer to Vacationing, albeit within the Metaverse or a virtual space. Our first highly ambitious project, The Atlantic Voyage Ape Club, seeks to rebuild Titanic within the Metaverse, allowing each of our 3300 NFT Holders a space within the ship—depending on the type of NFT they have minted. Our bespoke collection of hand-drawn Titanic Ape Characters has already proven popular with our Pre-Mint community, at this time our Whitelist is full and the Community we have built is thriving. In the first instance of setting up the Project, we dedicated ourselves to growing this community on an organic and proper basis—turning away from the tactics of old. Our Titanic in the Metaverse will have the capacity to hold 3300 NFT Holders + additional contractors or those who are invited to partiers/concerts/events—we believe that this project is truly expansive.

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