BABY CLOUDS _ Dark Comedy Cartoon Series

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Baby Clouds is the first-ever NFT Based Dark Comedy Cartoon Series in the form of 7777 pieces NFT Collection; our holders will be able to cast their “Baby Clouds” NFTs as actors in each episode of our upcoming Cartoon Show series.   The designed system will payout ranging from $12-$35 per second for the screen time of your NFTs in each episode, each episode is roughly 900 seconds long; our goal is to release 30 episodes for the next 12 months or approximately three episodes per month.   Our holders could potentially receive up to $18,000/episode simply by casting their NFTs as cartoon Characters/Actors.   GET ON (THE BABYLIST) NOW AND GRAB 5 ACTORS ON JUNE 20 ONLY FOR 0.07 ETH EACH!   THE PUBLIC PRICE FOR EACH ACTOR IS 0.15 ETH!!   The series will be launched on YouTube precisely 14 days after the NFT reveal day. We chose YouTube so everyone could watch the series for free.   No one has to pay any subscription fee to watch the series. However, only our holders are eligible for our NFT passive income system.

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