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6,666 Baby Devs running wild on the Ethereum blockchain! We donate 15% of all sales profit to the No Kid Hungry national campaign for children and our mission is to contribute to ending child hunger through NFTs. Our team never sleeps and we’re highly dedicated to building a strong community integrated with utility and fun. After launch we will re-invest profits back into the Baby Devs community by launching our own coin ($HEAVEN) and giving staking rewards to holders. We will host social gatherings such as organized vacations paid for by the Devs, cocktail parties for a chosen fundraiser, DAO formations, and much more. All of which will be voted on by Baby Dev holders through discord. Our team is open to any suggestions and you can join our discord and send us a message! We stress community and charity first and view the fun collectibles as a way to help children for years to come through the power of NFTs. Will you join the Baby Devs and help us fulfill our mission?

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