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21 Apr 18:00 UTC
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Bad Putin NFT is first of its kind NFT-based charity project that aims to help those in need right now.

Bad Putin NFT is a collection of 9999 Unique & Randomly Generated NFTs. Our main utility is charity for the humanitarian disaster from Ukraine to crate a community that gives back and makes a change in the World. Terrible moment in our current history which has to be helped and contributed at massive levels. We are happy to share 50% of the minting & royalties towards the Official Cryptocurrency address of Ukraine. We put in so much effort so far making the Bad Putin NFT artwork and project development. There are still many things to do, but it feels great that we are not progressing in silence anymore. Many announcements, surprises and giveaways are on the way in the upcoming days/weeks/months but please, be patient as we get things ready! Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for the next announcements: Also check out the official website here:

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