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18 Feb 21:00 UTC
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Bawlers is the hottest new sports NFT coming to the Solana Blockchain. Our drop is inspired by Basketball stars that are infamous for their excessive whining, crying, and overall childish antics! This is a PFP drop of 5,555 NFTs with some additional features for Bawlers holders: 1) We will be airdropping future collaborative drops and future versions of Bawlers to our holders. 2) We will be releasing Court-Side: a virtual chatroom and top-down virtual world to see Bawlers come to life. Only available to Bawlers holders. 3) We will be implementing a 5% Royalty Fee on secondary market transactions. This fee will be partially distributed back to holders through airdrops as a form of passive income to holders and partially be put back into the project to help meet our goals on the road map. Economics The breakdown of the distribution of the 5% royalty fees are as follows (all percentages below are a percentage of the 5% fee): 1) 50% of fees will be redistributed to holders Via airdrops. 2) 10% of fees will be used to sweep the floor of secondary markets as soon as the wallet balance is sufficient to do so. Think of this as a share repurchase, allowing us to give back to our holders, by removing the lowest-priced listed Bawlers from secondary markets. Bawlers that are repurchased this way will be held in the treasury wallet and given back to random holders Via airdrops. 3) 40% of fees will go back to our development team allowing us to fund the development of future utility. An example of this would be the future development of our private chatroom “Court-Side”.

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