BCBY: Animals

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0.1 SOL
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30 Jan 21:00 UTC
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Blockchain Barnyard is a collection of three barn themed NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Our first mint sold out in seconds and 20x’d on secondaries! Our second mint will be 0.1 SOL, which will be the BCBY: Animals, minting on January 30th. Once we have released all three of our collections, you will be able to combine them and create a farm. You will be able to stake your farm to generate tokens and earn passive income. You will need at least 1 NFT from each collection to be eligible for staking, with quantity and rarities acting as multipliers on the amount of tokens generated.  BCBY will also integrate a game with a risk/reward factor in the future. Our project is still in early development and the our cheap mint price is a good way to get involved for the long run! 


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