Bored Ape Debutante Ball

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The Bored Ape Debutante Ball Club NFT are 12345 Female Ape NFT’s coming of age in the metaverse. Influenced by all of the women of the world and the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. These 12345 NFTs reside as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum block chain and are the perfect compliment derivative NFT for the Bored of Ape Yacht Club or any Ape in the Bored universe. Each holder will receive an airdrop of the Pretty P formula which is the same formula created by Professor Utonium that will allow your Ape to transform into a pretty version while retaining the original NFT, however the can produce 24690 new female apes but the serum is burned upon usage. Pretty P formulas exist in 24690 quantities of versions P1, P2 and PMax held in the Bored Ape Beauty Salon. Each Bored Ape will have the opportunity to claim 1 of 12369 Bored Ape Puppy Pound captives, cute little Shibu-inu and Pomeranian mix puppies without a home but looking for a spot on the Bored Ape Debutante Ball female shoulder or a warm cozy spot right in her lap. Membership has its benefits purchasing this 1 NFT gives you access to potentially 4 other NFTs in the Bored Ape Debutante Ball family. 

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