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12 Jan 17:00 UTC
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48 hr Pre Sale: THIS WEDNESDAY Jan 12 NOON EST BuddyBalls NFT are 1,000 uniquely generated collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon Blockchain! RARITY Find the most rare EAR COLOR! A Green LEFT ear at 10.5% and Red RIGHT ear at 7.5%! BODY COLOR A blue TOP has 5% rarity, while a red bottom can only be found 6.5% of the time. MOUTH That smile, the most RARE one in the Ball Fam, only found 5.9% of the time. FUN BACKGROUND! Check out this BACKGROUND! It’s the rarest at 23.7% EYES (MOST RARE!) Ohhh those googly eyes. Find them and you have a rare one! 12.6% rarity. What combo of rarity will you mint? FAQ How can I buy Buddy Balls? — Right here on our website! Please only mint on the official website. What is the total Buddy Balls NFT supply? — Only 1,000 of these unique NFTs will ever be minted! Get yours now! When is the drop? How much are Buddy Balls? Is there a PRESALE? — Our PRESALE will begin Wednesday Jan 12 at NOON EST at a set price of 5 MATIC (Polygon) +gas per NFT! — Regular MINT Price (48 hours later) will be 10 MATIC (+gas per NFT). (…and Poylgon/Gas fees are almost nothing!) Let’s goooooooo! Is there a limit I can own? — No limit! However you can mint up to 5 per transaction. Where can I see my Buddy Balls NFTs? — Your Buddy Balls NFTs are stored on the Polygon blockchain, and visible on your Metamask wallet and OpenSea.io. (* add the custom token, 0x404c8c73236f6ae0800f714a57c00c7a7dd114f6, with token decimal 18, to Metamask if it does not automatically show your NFT). Where can I buy or sell Buddy Balls NFTs when they sell out? — Buddy Balls NFTs will be available on our official OpenSea.io collection. What is the official Polygon Contract address? — https://polygonscan.com/address/0x404c8c73236f6ae0800f714a57c00c7a7dd114f6 THE ROADMAP ALL Buddy Balls HODLRS – “NFT Arcade” Founder Be one of the first to get access to the world’s first NFT arcade! Play games, win thousands in prizes, and valuable NFTs! Let’s Get PHYSICAL! “The TOY BOX” Our first of many utilities allowing us to ship you a squishy BUDDY BALL! Use it for stress or throw it around with friends and family for fun! Meta Playing Cards Bring these NFT Meta Trading Cards of the Buddy Balls family around virtually with all your best buds. Collect, trade and catch ’em all! up to 25% We are LIVE! Mint your Buddy Balls NFT on Polygon. 50% Half way to giving away a secret NFT (apes anyone?) 75% Tell EVERYONE to grab their Buddy Balls, we are almost there! 100% YAYYYYY we made it!! ROADMAP Activated!

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