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6 May 18:00 UTC
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Bunny Girl is a project developed by anime-lovers whose sole goal is to build an anime based ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. We aim to make a marketplace for anime based NFTs; which include anime waifus, best girls and best boys SFW & NSFW hentai based NFTs among others. We will also create our rarity snipers for our holders

Bunny Girl NFT collection contains 10,000 unique NFTs, which will be used in the upcoming Bunnyverse and holders of NFTs will have a possibility to participate in the first IDO on Bunny Girl Launchpad along with surprise airdrops of projects that launch on our Launchpad, which is planned towards the end of July.

As part of our Lore Building, we will start out with our own Bunny girl NFTs, which will be the first NFTs to be listed on our NFT Marketplace, once the NFT marketplace is live. As part of the development plan, owning Bunny girl NFTs gives you eligibility for Bunny girl airdrop tokens and many more. Marketplace fees (3% every transaction) will be shared among holders according to how many NFTs you hold. ERC 1155 Bunny Cat Waifu NFTs Airdrop for ERC 721 Bunny Girl NFT Holders

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