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**Get your ETH at the ready,  MINT is live.**


Our story and this journey is all about continuing to raise awareness of the MASSIVE benefits of CBD use. 


The CBD All-Stars NFT Project will grow via supportive marketing, a fully engaged Discord community and real tangible benefits. The CBD All-Stars community will be the epicentre of everything we do. 


Our mission is to become one of the main ‘awareness beacons’ in the CBD universe via each unique CBD All-Stars character being actively used as the signal to others of the benefits of using CBD in your life!!!


✅ Fully Doxxed Team

✅ 3 x 3 plot of land in The Sandbox Metaverse.

✅ Dedicated community fund of 20k.

✅ Charity fund of 50k.

✅ Film production with the NFT characters

✅ CBD All-Stars Film distribution with 50% Royalties returned to NFT Holders

✅ CBD $100Billion industry


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CBD All-Stars – Empowering the CBD Community

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