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A revolutionary NFT collection updates dynamically as it is traded and rise in price. Extraordinary fun and value investor.





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ChammiGon is an alien pet from a far away planet – Chalon. He is gifted with special powers, he can evolve into different forms – Chameleon, Snake and Dragon . In these forms, he possesses the power of camouflage, regeneration, venom, flying and fire. 

He begins his journey as a Chameleon. He evolve into a new form when he has earned enough experience and values. 

Experience points will be awarded when he meets more people, and his value gains according to his face value in the blockchain meta-verse. 

Finally, the actual 3D model of your NFT will be available upon request. So you can take it with you  in the meta-verse however you like. 

Utility:  Dynamic Evolve,  Investment Grow Mechanism, e-Sport and Metaverse


There are 8,888 unique style of ChammiGon in origin form. 

Each purchase is a surprise, the style is revealed upon purchase. Some will be way more valuable due to rarity. 

Each ChammiGon NFT gains an experience point upon meeting a new owner. 

When he reaches a certain experience points, he transform into a new form. 

At his final form, owners can transform ChammiGon on command. No training needed! 

His journey is to be continued… 

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