Chinese New Year Tiny Tigers

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Chinese New Year Tiny Tigers are a collection of only 150 pieces and part of the Tiny Jungle Project! Tiny Jungle is a deflationary collection of cute Generative Art picturing jungle animals on the Solana Blockchain. Tiny Tigers and their special counterparts (Winter Tiny Tigers and Chinese New Year Tiny Tigers) are the first specie launched, representing 1000 NFTs and 500 Whitelist Tickets for the second specie. Read our detailed Strategic Vision on Medium:

The 1st Artistic DAO:

Owning 2 or more Tiny Tigers (or special Tiny Tigers editions) enables you to be part of the most complete DAO in Solana’s NFT world. Beginning January, the 29th, you will be able to decide everything about the animal, his colors, accessories, background, names, number created etc… Read the detailed Roadmap on Medium:

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