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Welcome to the Cloodleverse!

– Giving out a Doodle and Clone-X NFT and 5 ETH+ to minters!

Cloodle-Z is a collection of unique digital collectible doodled clones. Cloodles are made up with various DNAs, outfits, accessories, colors, eyes, back pieces, top pieces and backgrounds. They live on the Ethereum blockchain and each one is a unique Non-fungible token (NFT).


More than 150 traits need to be algorithmically put together to assemble your Cloodle, resulting in various rarities among the Cloodleverse.


There are many Cloodles out there, but this one is yours. Every Cloodle is unique, each one’s trait combination can only exist once throughout the collection. Thus some are naturally rarer than others, but all equally special.

Art and Team

Cloodle-Z is inspired but not affiliated with other popular projects in the space. We are a small team of just three people that thought it’d be hella cool to combine specific aspects of different projects we loved into one singular collection, and we hope you will too. We’re very active in our discord, so be sure to stop by if you’d like to chat with us!

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