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Creion – Relive Your Inner Child Welcome to Creion, a Web3 brand collective with a nostalgic fantasy storyline, immersive anime-cartoon art, and strong attention to connection. It doubles as a membership access to a community of like-minded people, creators, artists, and visionaries. With the help of Creion’s hub of creativity, the community will redefine what it means to connect in the Web3 space. • Our team’s extensive network boasts renowned brands like Red Bull, Nike, and Guess, along with major social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Google) and entertainment giants (Marvel, Disney, Netflix). • Backed by a founder with a massive following across social media platforms, Creion has the reach and impact to make waves in the creative universe. • Creion’s heart lies in its visually captivating fusion of anime and cartoon aesthetics to transcend conventional boundaries. It promises a visual delight that sparks joy and nostalgia. • Creion houses creators, artists, dancers, and freethinkers, offering onsite events, dance competitions, workshops, and more. In these experiences, fashion, arts, and culture are centerpieces to foster deep emotional connections and creativity. • Creion is more than just NFTs; it’s an expansive intellectual property that extends into a captivating comic series, promising an immersive narrative experience. • We believe that content is king. Creion offers a robust library of comics, animations, and content from the launch, setting the stage for endless storytelling and creative innovation.

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