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28 Feb 00:00 UTC
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Our Crewzers are ready to throw down some beats and bust a rhyme. 10,000 algorithmically generated individual NFT’s, some rarer than others, are not just a twitter handle picture but the membership token to an entire exclusive eco-system of music, art and fashion from the CryptoCrewz Brand. 

Our NFT’s are a ticket into an exclusive community that fuses hype fashion,  NFT art, and best selling music artist limited edition content as NFT’s, and a music NFT marketplace to trade music NFT’s and art NFT’s.

Access to live stream VR concerts in the metaverse featuring A-list artists are also in negotiation right now. 

In real life merchandise available right now on our website, which will later be replicated as NFT fashion to dress your avatars in the metaverse. 

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