CryptoPunks Portraits

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19 Mar 00:00 UTC
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Beginning with the art. We created hand drawn, realistic NFTs. In a very different style compared to other NFT projects. Building this up we invest a high budget into marketing to spread awareness all over the internet. But we came to stay. 

Therefore we created our extraordinary NFTs in combination with our own Avatar Token. Holders get rewarded with monthly payouts of the Avatar Token which we finance ourselves. Please check our WhitePaper for further informations. Last but definitely not least we are working on our own Avatars for DCL. Holders of our NFTs and Avatar Tokens will get the chance to mint their very own Avatar after our project is fully placed. Our mission is to offer our community a wholistic crypto project of beautiful NFTs while offering long term financial shares and lots of fun with the upcoming Metaverse hype.

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