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4 Jan 00:00 UTC
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Since we are hungry for fish and don’t want to share, we had to cut down on how many Cuddlee Crew Cats NFTs we will mint. This increases the number of fish for you and for us! We are going to limit it to 5000 NFTs, instead of 10000 as previously mentioned. In those 5000 there will be 300 1/1 Super Rare Cuddlee Crew Cats and 1 Ultra Cuddlee Crew Cat! We will launch our public mint on the 4th of January 2022 anywhere from 6-10 pm EST. You may ask, why these sudden changes? Why is it worth investing in Cuddlee Crew Cats? Our Team is fully doxxed and consists of more than 9 members (no pun intended). We are founded in 2012 and worked on many successful projects! Our daddy Cat is eCuras. More information can be found on Finally, our NFTs are just too cute and simply purrrfect, just look at these eyes!! Project Description: They may be cute…and they seem cuddly… But that’s all part of their plan… These Cuddlee Crew Cats will eat a Doge for breakfast, devour a Bored Ape for lunch, and scarf down a Cryptopunk for dinner. Finally, an NFT collection was designed with cat lovers in mind. Award-winning brand eCuras is proud to introduce their first NFT collection. Each Cuddlee Crew Cat is created with care. In the Cuddlee Crew, cat lovers can unite and show their pride! And this is only the beginning…there’s so much still in store. Become a part of the crew today!

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