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5,555 unique NFTs on Ethereum, IPFS. A mixture of cyberpunk & diversity of femininity 555 are reserved by the team to cover the marketing costs and listings. The team will redeem 7% of unclaimed public sales. 44 ETH FOR GIVEAWAYS EACH STEP IS 25% There are four stages of sale, and in each step, 25% of the Cyber Girl collection will be sold. Unique, rare NFT 3D Girls will also be released and raffled off among random users in the third stage. ETH GIVEAWAYS At the end of each stage, 10% of ETH from the sales will be raffled off among all NFT Cyber Girl owners. That’s 11 ETH in each phase or 44 ETH for the entire cycle. OFFERS & ROYALTIES GET 3% SHARE OF ALL SALES Participants can also take advantage of a special package offer in each phase. By purchasing a pack of 20 NFT Cyber Girl cards, you earn the exclusive right to receive a 3% share of the proceeds from the sale of the collection. ROYALTIES Royalties from the sale of NFT Cyber Girl on the OpenSea secondary market will be: 3% on the liquidity pool of the ERC-20 token 2% for marketing and of the platform $CGM CYBER GIRL METAVERSE COMMUNITY TOKEN Provides access to the platform NFT owners get it by airdrop Based on ERC-20 Increases the liquidity of the platform Exchange & trade Profit distribution, liquidity rewards Launch of token IDO in 2022 Listing on DEX in 2022

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