DEGENZ GAME | P2E NFT Staking Game

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31 May 18:00 UTC
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Degenz Game is an NFT P2E variable Staking game that takes place entirely in Discord.

All in-game actions are executed using /slash-commands.

The NFTs will be your character in the game. To play you MUST stake.

There will be 90% Degenz, and 10% Thought Police.

The Degenz and Thought Police will have very different gameplay experiences.

The goal for Degenz is to /hack others to survive, level up your NFT character as quickly as possible to earn the highest staking rewards, while taking on The Thought Police & Big Brother.

The goal for The Thought Police is to act as Big Brother’s foot soldiers, to /imprison, oppress and censor the Degenz, while extracting as much $GBT as possible from them along the way.

The higher the level of your NFT the more $GBT staking rewards you get per day.


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