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  • Dik-Dik Headz is not just a collection of 8008 (boob, lol, kek) generative NFTs migrating from the bush with plans to live on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is the genesis of many offerings to serve something larger – the Poopblot Universe, which will allow for the creation of value for “shitty” pfps to be put to use with the help of more nerds and more artists – both well known & undiscovered!!! You will help bring our dik-diks into the world and you will love it. Our goals are to maximize the unique wallets that own Dik-Dik Headz, avoid flipturds, and maximize long-term value while breaking down the barriers that currently exist between communities to go back to the basics of what has proven to work best. There is utility beyond the dik-dik as well, and you are being given a chance to get in on the ground level to help shape our future.
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