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15 Apr 09:00 UTC
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Donkey Kongs is a collection of 1,000 unique NFTs living in the Ethereum Blockchain that allows you to mine currency daily. Each NFT will include custom and distinct traits and characters. Each NFT Will Earn COIN wherever you have GPS, Wifi, or Data connection. Yes that’s true our NFT allows you to mine currency with Coin App.

First NFT To Mine COIN DAILY !

Discover hidden rewards and reveal special opportunities, or socialize with other players! Redeem your COIN for exciting digital assets, gaming systems, tablets, and more.

▶️ Each NFT will include a Coin Account which you can mine crypto via cell phone. 

▶️Every single NFT unique NFT very custom traits and characters.  🌧

▶️ Each Donkey Kong NFT will include a SentinelX NFC card Powered by XYO A slim Near-field Communications card that can be tapped for a temporary COIN rewards boost. No battery required and waterproof.

 ▶️Holding a Donkey Kongs NFT will automatically give you access to the Coin account which allows you to mine daily from

your iphone or android. 

Where does it work?

Earn COIN wherever you have GPS, Wifi, or Data connection. COIN App doesn’t use much cell data, so you can still binge Netflix or crush some candy without capping your monthly data limit as included which each NFT.

What can I earn?

You can redeem the COIN you earn for physical or digital items. This ranges from Bluetooth speakers, to digital currencies you can sell on exchanges. It’s your COIN, you decide!

Why are you doing this?

Tons of apps and products collect location data, but almost none of them give you rewards in exchange for your data. Stop earning nothing for your valuable data. Use COIN and earn what you deserve.

This was a family project also aimed at helping others please support by purchasing a Donkey Kong today. 

Available For Sale Today


After purchase DM us on discord with a address to receive your SentinelX NFC card



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