Elementbots: Enter the Elementverse

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5 Feb 16:00 UTC
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The Periodic Table of Elements has come to life in the form of 10,000 Elementbots as a war wages between ten clans over resources. Enter the Elementverse and our Elementbot PVP, P2E game where you can play, collect and earn.

As a member of Elementbots your Elementbot NFT will grant you exclusive access to the Elementverse and our Elementbots PVP, P2E game where you can earn valuable resources. Earning these resources will serve as the catalyst for chemical reactions to produce the Elementbots upgrade form, Moleculebots! This means Elementbot members will have exclusive rights to create the molecules you love and enjoy such as: Salt, Caffeine, and Serotonin!

Early minters will enjoy a free Limited Edition Elementbot with videogame functionality and a special in game thank you starter kit at game launch. An animated web series and merchandise store will also be developed to allow greater exposure of the Elementbot franchise. The unique concept of Elementbots is a perfect project to further enhance science based education for our local schools and communities. Every 25% sale mark will result in a giveback to support STEM programs.

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