Etherfishing’s Season 5

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13 May 21:00 UTC
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  Season 5 is starting soon!

There will be 2500 NFTs to catch including the MOST Golden Etherfish ever seen before! We have had over 10 players catch one of these Jackpots on their very first Free Cast! is a Free-2-Play NFT Fishing Game played in Seasons. Play the Game on Desktop or Mobile to take a chance at catching Etherfish NFTs or Golden Etherfish backed hundreds of dollars worth of Enjin Coin. Even the normal NFTs are backed by some Enjin Coin allowing for Real Price floors!


Once players have Etherfish NFTs, they can use them to EARN in a variety of ways!

1. Breeding

2. Eating other NFTs for deflation

3. Selling on the market, or even

4. Set your Price to Earn from other players!

The Roadmap is extensive and built for the players! We also host fun Tournaments, Events, and Giveaways in their Discord(Fishcord) and Donate to Save the Oceans!


To play,

1. Go to ->

2. Sign up using my Referral Code: (YOUR REFERRAL CODE found in your profile- benefits you and the players!) to get both of us rewards on your first purchase!

3. Verify your Email

4. Download and Link your Free mobile Enjin Wallet in your profile to receive your caught Etherfish NFTs ->


Use PromoCode: NewPlayer for a Free NFT Pole and Cast!


Its NEVER too late to join, Don’t miss the catch of a lifetime!

Use the Free Pole(found in your Game Menu) once everyone 24 hours to catch NFTs worth real money, sometimes a lot!

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