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29 Jun 20:00 UTC
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29.06.2022 —LAST PRICE DUTCH AUCTION The structure of the mint is set to be a LAST PRICE DUTCH AUCTION, where the last price will set the price for everybody else. Meaning that if someone purchased at the highest price of the auction, when the last price sets the price for everyone else those that bought at a higher fee will be entitled and will be able to claim a refund for the difference between the price of purchase and the lowest set price of the auction. This structure is set to avoid gas wars and our contract is optimized and tested with a low gas fee. It’s a two step process: – BID for your selected number of Monoliths at your selected price – REFUND the difference between your BID and the LAST PRICE. This will also MINT your monoliths in the same step. 30.06.2022 — WHITELIST SALE This stage is for the EXO BADGE holders and will last for 12 hours!! All the EXO Badge holders will be able to mint a total number of 2 Monoliths per Badge multiplied to the number of badges they hold in their wallets. ( 1 Badge — 2 Monoliths, 2 Badges — 4 Monoliths etc… ) The price of the whitelist sale will be the last price of the Dutch Auction + 20% discount! 01.07.2022 PUBLIC SALE! This stage is set to happen if some of the Monoliths will not find their rightful owners! The price of the public sale will be set according to the last price of the dutch auction! Once mint is finished, you will be able to burn your Monolith and activate your brand new shiny civilization.

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