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Mind-blowing NFT backed by real-world collectibles

Exploding Heads Club owners earn shares of a $1.2 million USD vault of real-world collectibles by staking their NFT’s.

Launching February 18th 2022, Exploding Heads is a series of 9,000 unique multi-stage, evolving NFT’s that will blow your mind. Will you take the vaccine to prevent your head from exploding and risk being mutated into an alien? Or just let it explode?!

Join this awesome community built by collectors, for collectors, and unlock access to over $400k in first year giveaways exclusive to the H3AD community.

4-phase Roadmap:



Key takeaways:

  • NFT Staking to Earn Passive Income with $HLCoin
  • Your $HLCoin unlocks fractional ownership of a Real-world Collectibles vault worth $1.2 Million USD and voting rights in the DAO
  • 5% of Hits League and royalty revenue is put toward growing the vault
  • A First-of-its-kind Evolving NFT with 3 potential stages
  • $169,200 USD in prizes for NFT holders + $20,000 exclusive to OG LIST members
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