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Fashion APE 

How did Nike start? Adidas? Louis Vuitton? Gucci or Prada? They all started the same. They were selective clothes for selective people with splendid designs. 


The Fashion industry has constantly been growing in our surroundings. It won’t be different in the next world: the Metaverse. 


But those companies had one target, the same one: the man/woman, the human. They didn’t design clothes for cats or dogs in their first years. They didn’t design for anybody. They accomplished what we are standing for today: #SRP Selective. Reserved. Private. 


Nowadays, you can buy a lot of those clothes for those marks. But only a few can afford the real stuff. Not everybody is selected to afford it. Reservations on the market are for high-quality standard people only. And finally, their most significant events are Privates. 


FashionApe will stand as one of the pioneers in the Metaverse for this new revolution. Of course, our target will be the BIGGEST and BEST in the whole space: APES.

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