Fish Sticks

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26 Jun 00:00 UTC
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Fish Sticks is a one of a kind project. There’s been a plethora of apes, bears, monkeys, pixelated art, and an even larger amount of Ethereum or Solana based projects. Well, Fish Sticks stands out for a few key reasons: our blockchain of choice, our utilities, and our art. Each one of the 5,555 Fish will be swimming on the Polygon Blockchain. Meaning you’ll mint in WETH and pay the extraordinarily low gas fees in MATIC. Our utilities branch out into many areas such as the creation of our own token, Bubbles, to be used in our store, charitable donations in your name (covered by the fish sticks team), the Fish Sticks DAO and a couple more things we’ll leave for you to find out. Now the art? Well fish are just cooler than everything else.

June 23rd for WL
June 26th for Public

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