Fluffy Hamsters – a Secret DAO NFT

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19 Feb 16:00 UTC
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In the heart of this Solana Colony, you can hear the joyful cheers of 10,000 fluffy hamsters. Each with a passion for cosplay and putting things on their heads.

Why you may ask? They were tricked by some sneaky bunnies, but more on that later. Right now, they are enjoying their freedom and taking their time to plot…I mean thank the cute bunnies for their… help. Okay, moving on.

An impressive 144 attributes with around 1,148,647,500 possible combinations set the scene for their many personalities. In it the long run, we set out to find new homes for each of the fluffy hamsters and together enjoy and benefit from the journey.

Created as a part of the Boom Bunny Studio project, a DAO Game Studio, where holders get to be a part of the journey from small games, to portals and larger concepts. Through a utility token, each holder can claim their part in shaping the projects we are working on and how.

Welcome fellow hamsters, to the Fluffy Hamsters Colony.


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