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16 May 18:00 UTC
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Not the USUAL PFP PROJECT: INVEST with a 400 ETH treasury and GET PROFITS SHARES. 


Minting on May 16th – 0.07 ETH (0.04 ETH flowing in the treasury).


FoxNationDAO is an NFT DAO project with the target of building a modular and advanced DAO 2.0.




– 4x Working Groups, each one with its own budget, with 4 Community-elected Delegates each.

– 3x Investment Fields: NFT Trading, Crypto/DeFi, NFT Projects Launchpad

– 1x Management Working Group for everything regarding: development, marketing, accounting.


The DAO will be a mixed model to combine efficiency and decentralization: each holder will be able to open discussions about proposals and reach consensus to make them executive following the classic direct-democratic approach but there will also be patterns of delegated autonomy with Working Groups that will have a certain amount of autonomy over their related budget.


All members can apply to be part of the working groups and the community will choose those who have proved most reliable and skilled. 


Delegates will have a fixed compensation along with a share of the profits they generate. The biggest portion of profits will be shared among the holders at the end of each quarter.



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