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21 Feb 23:00 UTC
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1,000 Fried Pandas – Launching in February. 3D Art Project blasting into the Solana Blockchain 2022. Fried Panda is your ticket into the biggest growing blockchain, Solana. Launch in Feb 22! Join Now!


· Rewards to all of our holders.

· Breed your NFTs.

· P2E Game Access

· .5-.8 Sol Every 40 Days

· Free Entry To WL Next Phases


For us, community comes first. The main goal is to make sure your investment and our mint as successful as possible, to achieve all of our goals. We will also be constantly working to release best value and quality possible. We understand most of your objectives is to make money and that’s completely okay, we are very transparent and will give you information straight forward. We do have huge plans to keep the project running and never dry out. We will have different phases that you can read about on our Discord and a P2E game coming to keep the flow and activity going. We will also introduce 3 different HUGE celebrities during our phases to keep up the hype. We believe Solana will be at the top of the blockchains this year. And we will be there on the top of the Solana blockchain! That’s our #1 goal. We have finally decided to pursue the idea of breeding our Pandas. Breeding Pandas for FREE will be available after our 1st phase sells out. You will be able to breed 2 Pandas only once and get a baby panda. That baby Panda will, later on, turn into a Demon Panda when we launch Phase 2 and you will get to keep your 2 Pandas that you used to breed with. We also have a P2E game on our roadmap. The P2E game will be fun, addictive, and pays to play. It won’t be a regular plain game made just to fulfill a road map. This game will be insane. We have amazing developers making it happen, we can’t get into details yet but we will have sneak peaks during our phases. We will launch our P2E Game after Phase 3. Our team will always be looking for your suggestions and we will continue adding good suggestions to our project. We take you all serious and take this project very serious. 


This project isn’t just about money for us, this project initially started from the question: “How can we support people with an illness that are indeed of mental help.” Lots of people think that paying off someone’s medical bills will heal them and help them recover, which of course is true but there is a lot of to that. People tend to forget that they NEED mental help, emotional help, and HOPE!


We will donate $50,000 to a charity picked by our fellow members after phase 2.


We will send out 10,000, yes, 10,000 posters to 10,000 patients that are in hard times. We will print everyone’s name that is submitted in our Discord with a lovely message on the posters to multiple hospitals after phase 2.

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