Geechee SOL Sisters

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17 Jun 12:00 UTC
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Celebrating sisterhood, Geechee SOL Sisters is a wholesome collection of 5,555 unique NFTs that live on the Solana Blockchain. Featuring a pair of beautiful and kind-hearted sisters, the Geechee SOL collection celebrates the rich and distinctive ethnic cultures of the Gullah and Geechee people, and the celebration of creole culture. Holders of our project will enjoy exclusive benefits of the Geechee SOL Federation, which includes staking, airdrops, exclusive NFT airdrops, prize raffles, and access to holder-only Geechee SOL merchandise!


The long term goal of the project is to build a brand with real life utility (including merchandising and event hosting). The project is centered on inclusivity and immersion in the experience of the geechee gullah culture. This will include partnerships with boutique vendors that represent that culture to provide unique experiences to our holders.

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