Goose Town

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12 Feb 18:00 UTC
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  • Goose Town is an animated series of skits and songs for kids staring  a bunch of silly geese on YouTube
  • By purchasing a silly goose, you will be purchasing a “citizen” of Goose Town
  • Each goose comes with his/her own unique name and apperance
  • There are 10 different types of geese with varying levels of rarity
  • There are many elite organizations within Goose Town that your goose may be apart of such as: party police, real police, board uncerified doctors, hydro homies, snacktical team 6, the conspiracy theorists and more
  • As the show progresses, characters will be used randomly from the NFT collection
  • Although not all geese will get screen time, every NFT holder will ahve the chance to vote on the direction and certain aspects of the show
  • Mint Price of just 0.1 Solana

Thanks for checking out Goose Town!

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