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Happy Buddhas is a mystical collection of 9,474 NFTs. Magically molded by combining 10 diverse traits, creating various rarity combinations. They’re pocket-sized laughing buddhas that you can carry in your digital wallet in order to bring you good fortune and happiness! Every single one has a different personality and unique blessing in his heart. Not only that, but they will help fund psychedelic research.


Why Buddhas?

The Buddha stands for enlightenment, wisdom and ethical perfection. A roadmap to guide us through life and we use it as a symbol for our own journey. Happy Buddhas is focused on building a holistic community with an awareness towards mental health. Something that was ling missing in this fast paced tech world. We will build bridges between the digital (VR, metaverse) and spiritual spheres. Technology is a stepping stone to becoming better performing humans. and Happy Buddhas focus will be on bringing holistic experiences in their community, on- and offline.

The laughing buddha is a symbol for positivity and good fortune. It embodies the values of positivity, sustainability and giving back.


When and Where to mint?

Presale 19th March 2022

Public sale 20th March 2022


Minting will take place on our website. After minting, you will still be able to get your Buddha on OpenSea.



  • Sacred Temple in the Metaverse
  • Partnerships with mental health and psychedelic projects
  • Exciting collabs with other NFT drops
  • Fresh Merch
  • Airdrops
  • Most importantly, the project will be shaped by our COMMUNITY
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