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Welcome to Harvest DAO! We are the first decentralized wealth project. We are a community driven to reach financial freedom through highly intelligent and proven investments together. It’s no surprise that the wealthy have many more opportunities than we do, but we can sit at the same big-boy table together and use the same methods they already use to become even wealthier!


This is why we’ve created the Harvest Hedge. We know that financial markets change constantly and that they are opportunistic. That is why we are investing in Real Estate Acquisition, Real Estate Debt Financing, Crypto Venture Capital, and Crypto Incubation. Real Estate makes more millionaires than any other asset class in history. We are leveraging the stability and growth of this asset to create our investment floor. We know that over time this floor will always grow and provide us both increasing equity and cash flow. Crypto is still in its infancy and it will be the future for a lot of growth and innovation. We are leveraging our funds and talent to get monumental returns for our community. We have projects that we are already planning and developing!


We are excited to launch our Harvest Dao NFTs! There are 10,000 uniquely created NFT homes that will provide benefits to all holders! Real Estate creates more millionaires than any other investment and accounts for 2/3 of all wealth worldwide. Everyone should have an opportunity to own a home. By holding onto our Harvest Dao NFTs, you will be an integral part of our community and have access to both growing your wealth and knowledge. 


Benefits of holding an NFT:

Voting Multiplier to Harvest Tokens (Currently in Development)

Access to Harvest Token Pre-Sale Launch

Community Knowledge about Real Estate (RE) and Crypto

Access to Professionally vetted deals (we are in talks with large RE developers)

The majority portion of these funds will be deployed into Real Estate Assets/Financing/Crypto Projects that everyone votes on in our Discord. We have several opportunities already being discussed in our Discord.

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