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20 Apr 14:00 UTC
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Holdem Heroes is the on-chain poker game played with NFTs. So Holdem Heroes is both the NFT Collection of 1326 unique poker hole card combinations, and the game of on-chain Texas Hold’em played with those NFTs. The game is built, as well as tested, and ready. Poker2Earn.


Holdem Heroes will be running on the 20th of April, 2022 on the official website marketplace.

Imminently. Max mint per address = 6 NFTs.

Day 0: NFT Minting on Ethereum

Day 3: Card Reveal + Polygon Card Airdrop

Day 6: Poker Games Live on Ethereum & Polygon

If you mint BEFORE Card Reveal:

Minting is blind — you don’t know which cards you get.

But… and here’s the Kicker — you will get airdropped the same cards on Polygon.

Two for one. Now, that’s the Nuts!

If you wait until AFTER the reveal to mint:

You can choose which cards to mint.


But… the NFTs may have sold out, and you will NOT receive the airdrop.


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