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With the upcoming, new, and innovative changes coming to crypto and the metaverse, here at Ice Shake, we have decided to create 10,000 uniquely generated timepiece NFTs on the Solana Network. Each of the timepieces have different traits, for example, different types of watch bands, watch faces, gems, and more. Once we sell out we will begin integrating the timepieces into the metaverse so you will be able to wear and show off your timepiece with your avatar. Becoming an Ice Shake Timepiece NFT holder comes with many benefits including Solana giveaways, donations to community chosen charities, as well as real luxury timepiece giveaways like a Rolex and Patek Philippe. Ice Shake aspires to become one of the biggest jewellers in the metaverse and the timepieces are just the beginning. As we know, real timepieces are also seen as good investments and with the timepieces being unique with a variety of traits, this adds value and rarity to the timepieces which means the value of the timepiece will also increase. Additionally, timepiece holders also gain exclusive access to whitelist spots for upcoming Ice Shake projects. These timepieces are just the beginning of the beautiful collections of different kinds of jewellery NFTs that will be coming in the next few months. Ice Shake aims to create an amazing community where we can promote other small artists within the community. We also encourage our community artists to put forward any ideas or suggestions we have in the discord, if the community likes or agrees with the new ideas, we will add them to the timepiece NFTs as well as create full custom timepieces for the NFT holders. It’s best to get into this project as early as possible as we believe these timepieces will become harder and more expensive in the future.

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