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7 Aug 18:00 UTC
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iDos Games is an ecosystem of Play to Earn games in different genres. Plans to implement more than 100 games, 2 games have already been released: ShootGun and 2048 cube crypto


Midas is the protagonist of the ShootGun universe. He is a representative of the race – Spartaliss. His exploits were legendary. On Spartalis, he was recognized and respected.


We are happy to announce that the Midas #NFT whitelist giveaway has officially launched!


Get a chance to win the legendary NFT


 Mint Date – August 8th


The mint price is 1 Solana.

All NFTs in this collection will provide you with increased income throughout the iDos Games ecosystem.


We have 5 types of rarity:

1. Regular – 40% – 1X IGC Reward Income

2. Uncommon -25% – 1.25x IGC Reward income.

3. Rare – 20% – 1.5x IGC reward income.

4. Epic – 10% – 1.75x IGC reward income.

5. Legendary – 5% – Timeless VIP in all games in the iDos Games ecosystem and double the income from IGC rewards.

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