Karma Cats – 10X Guarantee

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5 May 15:11 UTC
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The Only NFT with 10X Guarantee, or Your Money Back. Reversing the risk for buyers with a low mint price and a 10X guarantee. Learn more and mint at https://www.karmacats.io


First of its kind holder-owned yoga retreats and lifestyle apparel brand. Two businesses the doxxed Founders already operate, so execution is guaranteed.

Presale 0.02 ETH
Public: 0.03 ETH

Project Info and Utility:

    ✓    10X Money Back Guarantee
    ✓    Holder Owned Business Model
    ✓    Doxxed & Experienced Team
    ✓    All holders get a 3D Karma Cat for Free.
    ✓    Exclusive Access to Yoga/Adventure Retreats
    ✓    Alpha Swag & Branded Apparel
    ✓    Holders Win ETH, NFTs, Vacations, Merch.
    ✓    Lots more..

100% hand-drawn original art. 14 different furs each representing different community factions based around spiritual principles. Are you a Warrior? Architect? Angel? Degen? Rebel? We can’t wait to find out.

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