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Killer Koalas (also known as Drop Bears) are inspired by Aussie culture. They are an exclusively designed collection of 9,999 NFTS on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection has over 200 digitally created attributes making each Killer Koala unique with varying rarities. The Killer Koalas are one of the few species to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that humans and robots destroyed. Their numbers have been diminished to a limited 9,999 due to forest fires, deforestation, and diseases. As a result, they have separated into factions – the Burnt, the Lost and the Sick. Do you have the killer instinct to join the Killer Koala community to help fight for justice in this unjust world and to reclaim what was once lost? Killer Koalas support Koalas in Australia with a donation fund set up in the Roadmap. Varying Killer Koala holders will also receive a 3d model of the NFT with additional models set up for purchase within the roadmap. Be sure to check out Discord for more information.

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