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Welcome to the Legends of Shangu! We are a high utility NFT collection representing the 12 Legendary Animals that protect the Valley of Shangu on Chinese New Year! Our artwork is composed of 7,777 individual 1 of 1 Legends of Shangu NFT’s randomly generated from 277 traits hand drawn by world renowned cartoon artist David Huynh. There are 12 different Animals to collect and perks for holders who collect complete sets. The Legends of Shangu originated from the ancient tale of the Jade Emperor who sent an immortal being to Earth to build an army of beasts to protect the heavenly gate from Nian, the Lord of the underworld, whose goal is to unleash evil on the world with his Army of Mutants. The Jade Emperor created a challenge to discover which of Earth’s beings would have the skills to protect the world and just like this, the Legends were born. Each animal was given 1 of 4 legendary powers to complete their mission and was given the responsibility of finding the ancient artifacts needed which allowed them to send Nian back to the underworld and after an epic battle, peace was restored… 4000 years later in 2022, the uncertainty of the world has created a gateway to the underworld… Nian has been gathering the strength needed to resurrect his army back to earth. The awakening is coming…

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