Lil Mutant Ape Club – LMAC

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8 Sep 00:00 UTC
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Lil Mutant Ape Club – LMAC 

From the creators of the established NFT Project Lil Baby Ape Club – LBAC


Mint starts September 7th @ 7pm est


10K supply


First 5k supply mint 0.05 eth


Second 5k supply free claim for all Lil Baby Ape Club – LBAC holders


Claim site will open after first 5k are minted


The origin of the Lil Mutant Ape Club is told as an urban legend among the Ape community, and the story of how it came to be contained two main factors: A curious ape and a radioactive banana. One day, a troublesome baby ape by the name of Quentin wanders off quietly and pillages through the jungle. After traveling for miles, he ends up in a remote area and stumbles upon something rather strange. In front of him was an abandoned lab, full of discarded equipment. A flask containing glowing, neon green liquid lights up the room. Little did he know, the scientists who occupied the land nearby were conducting nuclear experiments. A few yards away, he notices a row of trees, ripe with glowing neon-colored bananas. 


He hungrily eyes the fruit, walking slowly towards the trees. He reaches for one and without thinking immediately takes a bite. Suddenly, he starts to feel weird and is hit with a burst of energy, then falls to the ground in excruciating pain. He slowly gets up with the urge to destroy and cause havoc. 


He proceeds into the lab and smashes everything in sight, his rage growing more and more as he destroys computers and tables. He looks down and sees the same flask from earlier. There it was, a glowing bright green liquid with a banana inside. Everything around him goes silent as he stares into the shadows of the lab. This is where the idea was born, this is how the Lil Mutant apes came to exist. It all started with one.

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