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Little Dreamers is a collection of 5,555 unique digital assets in NFT format, living in the Ethereum blockchain, and inspired by the dreams that every child has about what they’d like to become in their future.

The Little Dreamers come to the NFT world to unleash our imagination…and yours as well! Dreams are the first step to materialize our reality. Nothing happens if you don’t imagine it first. That is why, through this project, we want to support children in vulnerable conditions to continue dreaming, because they will be able to count on the resources to achieve their dreams.

Moreover, this project involves everyone who wishes to continue dreaming and know the power of believing before seeing. No matter how old we are, the changes we want in our lives or where we are in the world, our head is the first place where our beliefs, thoughts and goals live. What we cultivate in it will be the seed that will grow tomorrow. We are here to help you keep dreaming!

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