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The year is 4840 and the world’s population is at an all time low, after numerous wars and excessive levels of pollution the human race has to find a new way to create the next generation. Scientists on Earth have been monitoring the cosmos and have discovered hundreds of UFOs heading directly for Earth. Dr Chibit and Dr Morii are developing a new weapon of war to save mankind once and for all. The weapon in question? MEKABABIES MEKABABIES are a community driven collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Minting a MEKABABY will provide holders with an awesome PFP and access to an invaluable network of other likeminded Babies. Holders will also benefit from Feeding Times (airdrops), clan staking competitions, gamified merging mechanics and entry to the Final Battle of Mankind. One question remains soldier, will you MEK it?

Official MEKABABIES Roadmap END OF MARCH 2022 Soldiers will be given the opportunity to mint their MEKABABY and do their part to save mankind. The first feeding time (free airdrop to all MEKABABIES holders) will be announced. EARLY APRIL 2022 THE INVASION BEGINS… Dr Chibit & Dr Morii’s worst fears become reality as the Aliens begin to enter Earth’s orbit. The Aliens send a cryptic message to all MEKABABY holders. All MEKABABY holders will be given the option to stake their babies in our first clan staking contest. We will contribute 50% of royalties to fund this contest with awesome prizes! MID APRIL 2022 MEKABABIES arcade development begins, get ready to play games in the Metaverse as your MEKABABY! The first free airdrop (feeding time) to all MEKABABIES holders takes place. LATE APRIL 2022 The first GAME from the MEKABABIES arcade is announced. EARLY MAY 2022 MEKABABIES MERCH DROP. Help fight the war against the Aliens in both the real world and the metaverse. MID MAY 2022 PANIC STATIONS! The aliens are here… All holders will be awarded whitelist to mint one of the Aliens as they land on Planet Earth. Will you form an alliance? LATE MAY 2022 The utility of the airdrop received during the first feeding times is revealed. EARLY JUNE 2022 PHASE 2 Roadmap Revealed…

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