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In a world of cyber foodies governed by the blockchain the ultimate chef NFT battleground is the metaKitchen. To foster culinary training and exploration the metaKitchen has materialized as a virtual world for cyber food supremacy. Initial Collection 3000 OG Chefs – The founders of metaKitchen will give access to the mK earning ecosystem and grant you a role in the mKSyndicate. OG’s will be used for staking and earning $CHEF rewards, unlocking a variety of features and rewards within the mK platform. Features -P2E Ecosystem -NFT Staking -$CHEF token -Ingredients + Utensil + metaChef collections -Missions + Minigames -> Awarding: Stats + Upgrades -mK Syndicate – funded with 10% of mint and 50% of royalties -Real life holders utility: Chef partnerships, Cooking Masterclasses, Food related rewards, discounts and more… – Full P2E mkBattle NFT video game Team 4 core founders mk-Al Dente: investment professional specialized in public markets mk-Spicy: Sr. Software Dev with 30+ years in development and game design (first game he built was on Atari) mk-Technochef: Sr. Software Architect with extensive experience in web applications and smart contract development mK-Coltello: CFO and treasurer – specializes in tokenomics

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